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Doing such a task always accumulates Garden Waste. Some of us cut it down and pile it up somewhere in the back corner of the garden and hope it goes away. The problem that most of us face is getting rid of it. Sure we can load up the trailer or ute and do numerous trips to the local transfer station but who has the time? Some local councils in Melbourne provide a green waste collection service every fortnight where you can dispose of your green waste you have accumulated however speaking from experience I have difficulty getting rid of my lawn clippings in the bins the council provide and have to revert to borrowing my neighbours bin. If you have a small amount of garden refuse you may be able to come to some arrangement with fellow neighbours from your street and do a bin share. But what happens when you have pruned the overgrown trees and shrubs, have you ever tried putting them in one of the council bins?
A alternative solution is to hire a Green waste removal service that specializes in removal of Garden Waste.
We offer our green waste disposal service 7 days a week in and around Melbourne and can handle as much as you can throw at us. We send it of for mulching making sure that it gets recycled and reused. Contact us today for your Green Waste and Garden Waste Disposal needs for prompt and reliable service.  

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Office rubbish removal is part and parcel of running a business. Everyday, offices cannot avoid generating wastes such as papers, pencils, pens, and many other office supplies. Periodically, there will be office transfers and office renovations that will generate other kinds of wastes other than the usual trash. The truth is, office managers usually are not capable of handling the disposal of these waste matters. And even if they were, they would rather get the services of a rubbish removal company to do all the dirty work.

Advantages of Using our Office Waste Removal Service

There are many advantages of using our office rubbish removal service to dispose of your office garbage. These are:

1.     Your utility staff won’t have to get rid of the trash themselves, which is good especially if you have some hazardous wastes to dispose of.

2.     You don’t have to worry about where these wastes will be disposed. Our rubbish removal service are authorised to use certain disposal sites for all the trash we handle.

3.     You don’t have to use your company’s resources (i.e. cars or trucks) to haul the garbage to the dumpsite. If you have lots of junk to get rid of, it can be very inconvenient and costly to have to dispose of them yourself.

4.     You won’t have to apply for permits. Council requires a permit for any skip bin left on the curb.

Your office can get all these advantages at a very small cost. The actual cost will depend on the weight and volume of the rubbish that you need to remove and if you want the exact cost, you can contact us for commercial junk disposal service.

If you hire our rubbish removal Melbourne service, we will be able to do the following:

1.     Chris's Rubbish Removal can get your garbage out in any kind of situation. It does not matter where your rubbish is, whether it is in the basement or on the very top floor of a high rise office building – we will get your office cleared of any unwanted trash –big or small.

2.     We can complete the entire process quickly. Our crew are well organised and skilled at what they do. They know how to segregate your trash and they can also get things done fast. In no time, you will find your area cleared of Office waste, ready to be utilised for other purposes.

3.     We can handle any type of waste. As you probably know, there are certain types of wastes that are considered dangerous. But if you use a professional commercial junk disposal service, you don’t have to worry about such things.

If you need this kind of service right now, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we provide a fast and efficient office rubbish removal service. We can give you a no-obligation quote so take a minute to check out our website and ask for a quote based on your needs.

Let's face it, we are surrounded with Junk. Rubbish we no longer want or need. So what do we do with all the old furniture, office equipment or trash we have stored in the office or around the family home? Some of us leave it there and even though we know we won't be using it we hold on to it just in case. Others call a professional rubbish removal company which provides an on site pick up service saving you the hassle of having to organize a skip bin. Some of the benefits of a full service waste disposal company against skip bin hire are that the junk collection company does all the heavy work for you, making it a less stressful process.

We all know that having to go to a local tip is not the ideal way to spend any day let alone having to hook up the trailer or organize transport to get your rubbish there. The city of Melbourne does not entitle commercial businesses or offices to a hard rubbish/waste collection service. For office rubbish removal, it is best to hire a trash removal service. Chris's Rubbish Removal Service in Melbourne will come and take away your unwanted office junk and recycling goods. When we think that the item can be reused, we will take it to a transfer station. If the office rubbish can be recycled, our rubbish disposal service will take it to a recycling center. All that is needed from you is  to contact our rubbish removal service for a quote.

Waste disposal can be tricky, what gets recycled? What ends up going to landfill? Where do I separate it etc, etc?

Most products are recyclable such as Garden Waste and most Office junk can be recycled. Things like tree shrubs, whitegoods, redundant office equipment, mattresses which have almost been worn out to the spring all have a place in the recycle chain. Let a rubbish expert do the work of sorting out that rubbish/recycling pile.

If items can possibly be reused or repurposed, Chris's rubbish removal services will donate the items to charity or send them to a transfer station. These charities assist people in need throughout the Melbourne area that may desperately need something that someone else is equally desperate to get rid of.

While there will always be rubbish that needs to be gotten rid of, there are a number of ways that the impact of rubbish disposal can be minimized for the environment. Chris's Rubbish removal are specialists in the Melbourne area can help guide you to the proper disposal for items in that growing trash pile.

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