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Doing such a task always accumulates Garden Waste. Some of us cut it down and pile it up somewhere in the back corner of the garden and hope it goes away. The problem that most of us face is getting rid of it. Sure we can load up the trailer or ute and do numerous trips to the local transfer station but who has the time? Some local councils in Melbourne provide a green waste collection service every fortnight where you can dispose of your green waste you have accumulated however speaking from experience I have difficulty getting rid of my lawn clippings in the bins the council provide and have to revert to borrowing my neighbours bin. If you have a small amount of garden refuse you may be able to come to some arrangement with fellow neighbours from your street and do a bin share. But what happens when you have pruned the overgrown trees and shrubs, have you ever tried putting them in one of the council bins?
A alternative solution is to hire a Green waste removal service that specializes in removal of Garden Waste.
We offer our green waste disposal service 7 days a week in and around Melbourne and can handle as much as you can throw at us. We send it of for mulching making sure that it gets recycled and reused. Contact us today for your Green Waste and Garden Waste Disposal needs for prompt and reliable service.  

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